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Our experienced private security personnel, are here to facilitate you so that you are able to be present for the most important people and matters in your life.

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Warehouse Security The Guard Mount Way

Our warehouse security protection system accounts for many details. We review the layout of the property, inspect the current camera systems if any, and decide what will be the best time periods to have security personnel at the warehouse or industrial space. Guard Mount designs Standard Operational Procedure for your warehouse or industrial property.

Among the other considerations are the following: how employees and vendors are allowed on property. What system is in place for delivery of packages and obtaining a list of tenants and employees that work at the property.

Our officers use a reporting system that sends out a detailed daily activity report after every shift with pictures and any pertinent information that needs to be reported during the shift.


Observation and Report

Observation and reporting are core aspects of our private security services. Our security professionals have been given extensive training that encompasses report writing, identifying safety hazards, and proper reporting procedures. Successful warehouse security is predicated on observation and continued vigilance of the property and its operation. A properly trained security professional is keenly aware of the employees that work at the facility at any given shift of the day. The officer is knowledgeable about the operation and business that she/he is providing security for. Our officers follow written post orders. These post orders identify important contacts and phone numbers, list emergency numbers, and list public safety information. 

Continued Monitoring

Our security professionals monitor or grant access to the facility that they are guarding. They interact with employees, vendors, and visitors on a regular basis. Proper identification procedures are followed. This ensures that both trespassers are not allowed on the property and that illegal activity is mitigated. Our professionally trained officers along with post orders work to stop possible burglaries, and break ins. Our security officers check all doors, offices, warehouse locations, bathrooms, fences, locks, and any item and location that is part of the property that the security officer is responsible for. 

Officer Responsibilities include

  1. Access facility control and Report improper behavior by employees and visitors
  2. Meet and greet visitors and employees making sure they have proper identification. They escort visitors to other areas of the warehouse if needed. 
  3. Monitoring vehicle, reporting unsafe driving, safety issues and road conditions
  4. Report safety and maintenance issues

Professional Appearance

When our security professionals enter the property, their uniform is properly cleaned and pressed. Our officers are not allowed to show tattoos wile working. Shoes are always clean and polished. Proper professional etiquette is a prerequisite to working with Guard Mount Private Security.

Gated Communities and Homeowner Associations Security

Our gated community and Homeowners Association private security services are exceptional. The successful protection and safety of your community begins with the standard operating procedure and program designed with your community’s needs in mind. We enhance your current entrance system with our internet and GPS based accountability tools.

We offer posted officers at your entrances or vehicle patrol if the HOA is open and/or is a large community.

Our officers are seasoned specialists who dress, speak, and conduct themselves in a professional manner. We have the capacity to do up to 24 hour security for your community or HOA. More than ever, it is essential to have professional private security services to protect your community.


We develop relationships with community public safety agencies including local police departments, sheriff, EMTs, Fire department, hospital, etc. We place a great emphasis on report writing and documentation. Our written reports are used for several purposes:

  1. To provide a written record of an incident
  2. To verify duties performed by officer 
  3. To explain events more succinctly
  4. To provide data that can be used in any possible legal proceeding
  5. To provide information for follow up action

These are the types of security reports that we provide:

  1. Daily Activity Reports
  2. Vehicle Logs
  3. Contractor and Visitor Logs
  4. Incident Reports

Our Security professionals institute a sense of peace of mind and a comfort in the communities and HOAs that we provide security services for. Our officers reduce improper behavior and work as deterrents. Peace of mind begins at the gate of the community or at the entrance. Our officers greet all entrants in a professional, polite, and tactful manner. Their professional appearance and proactive interaction with the public will normally prevent illegal or unwanted activity such as illegal use of drugs and alcohol, vehicle theft, burglary, and other inappropriate acts. Our officers are polite, neat in appearance, have a ready smile, show a clear sense of confidence, are focused in their duties, and communicate with intelligence. These traits create a sense of peace of mind to property owners and tenants. 

Our Officers

Our Gated Community and HOA assigned security professionals are meticulously picked to work at these locations. Gated and HOA security is sensitive due to the nature of the continued interaction with property owners, visitors, family members, and vendors. Our security professionals are conscientious and detail oriented. They design systems that are functional and flexible which allows for the improved safety of property owners, and tenants. They make sure that all vehicles and property are kept safe.

On Call Security and Protection

Guard Mount Private Security offers on-call services for clients that need short term solutions for situations that need professional security, protection, and transportation services. We can have either a team or one officer ready for a detail that needs immediate assignment. Examples may be a transportation assignment of valuable assets or an important dignitary. Other situations that may need short term solutions are private events, overnight guard services, or oversight of an office where there is a disgruntled employee.

Fumigation Security

Our services include 24 hours of security for properties that are being fumigated. Many homes as well as multi-unit communities need security and fire watch while the property is tented. These properties will be vacant for a certain period. Criminals can easily break into the property and cause vandalism, burglary, or squatting on the premises. Our security professionals act as deterrents against these criminal acts. Our officers make sure that they are clearly seen. They wear a professional security officer uniform and wear reflection gear in order to be clearly seen at night.

Disgruntled Employee Watch and business Escort

Guard Mount Private Security offers employee protection services. Today’s business environment as well as the stress in our society sometimes causes employees to become angry and disgruntled. Being laid off, demoted, or re-positioned may cause employees to respond with violence or revenge toward the company or the company property. Our security professionals will position themselves at your business or office to watch for possibly violent actors coming onto property or are available to escort disgruntled employees off the business location. Our officers are either dressed in suits, casual attire, or in uniforms. Many corporations will also request that their employees be escorted upon entrance or egress of the workplace. Our security professionals will work as a team to get employees into work or to their vehicle or transportation in a safe and orderly manner. 

Event Security

Our service includes private security for events such as corporate parties, weddings, hotel parties, restaurants, red carpet events, political, and entertainment events. The private security profession has evolved to a customer service focused profession. Our officers understand how to be vigilant at these types of assignments while at the same time working with management and the public to present a friendly and safe environment. Our security professionals are well dressed and courteous. Part of our services is advice and consultation for the short term and events. Guard Mount will offer suggestions such as time frames, number of officers, start and end time, placement of officers, where vehicles should park, entrance details, what to do in case of emergencies, scenario review, and development of a standard operating procedure for the event. Guard Mount will help and offer guidance that has been developed over many years of experience.

Estate Security the Guard Mount Way

Private estate and home security entails providing private security for individual homes however large or small. Guard Mount Private Security has extensive experience in providing high quality, accountable, and reliable private estate security, and protection. We have provided both static security as well as vehicle patrol of private owned homes. In these times, property owners are looking for a sense of security, peace of mind, protection. Guard Mount Private Security provides this security environment. 

Our officers have worked in many types of estate environments. We have provided security for perimeter as well as “inside the gate” security. Many of our estate security assignments have been for vacant properties while the owners were out of the country for extended periods or just on vacation. Our estate security may either be one or two officers, or a team designed to provide security for the location. Our officers are well aware of potentially dangerous or violent situations. Many of our estate security officers are off duty or retired peace officers. A significant portion have military background as well. Our past clients have included celebrities, folks in the entertainment business, and high net worth businesspeople. Our experience helps us to seamlessly bring to the property and its occupants a sense of stability and peace of mind. Our estate security professionals have excellent verbal and communications skills.


The security manager or team leader will meet the principal to develop a personalized security protection program for the property and occupants. Guard Mount can also consult with camera, CCTV, and alarm vendors to further improve the security program of the property. The security program places great emphasis on daily times schedules. The estate teams need to know who is allowed on property and who is expected to be on the premises. We complete a safety and security assessment, a plan is developed to cover the physical security upgrades, technology, and personnel presence on site. Working with the client’s input is essential. 

Training and Knowledge

According to the Bureau of Security and Investigations regarding private security officers, they must complete a course of training and submit application for approval of issuance of a license. This includes a background investigation. Armed officers must pass a psychological evaluation. Apart from this mandated training, our security professionals are trained by Guard Mount Private Security staff on a regular basis on topics pertaining to the field of private security and estate security. Additionally, our off duty officers continually attend regular training with their respective departments. All officers have taken a power to arrest course. This is important to understand because this course allows our estate security professionals to arrest trespassers and criminals looking to cause harm to your property. 


Our estate and private homeowners should always understand that their personal protection team’s top priority is PREVENTION and DETERRENCE of any possible safety or criminal incident. We accomplish this with the right equipment, training, and professionalism.

Private Investigations PI License #189161

A private investigator is an individual who amongst other duties (1) investigates crimes, (2) investigates the identity, business, occupation, character, etc., of a person, (3) investigates the location of lost or stolen property, (4) investigates the cause of fires, losses, accidents, damage or injury, or (5) secures evidence for use in court. Private investigators may protect persons only if such services are incidental to an investigation; they may not protect property. An individual, partnership, or corporation licensed as a private investigator may employ a qualified manager to manage the business on a day-to-day basis.

Our Service

Guard Mount Private Security, through its subsidiary, is a California licensed and insured Private Investigative firm. Private investigation and detective work involves highly confidential and sensitive matters. Thus, we are committed to providing extremely private nonpublic services. We do not divulge the names of our clients to anyone or the nature of their cases. The only time we will do this is if by law we are mandated to.

Infidelity and Divorce Surveillance Cases

Although California is a no fault divorce state, Folks still want to know if their significant other is cheating on them. We always try our best to deter prospective clients from hiring us for infidelity investigations. However, should they still want to continue on that path, we are well prepared and equipped to discover indiscretion and infidelity. Our service is immediate, and discrete. Our surveillance starts as soon as you are ready. We do our best to uncover all information as quickly as possible in order to save you as much time, money, and aggravation as possible. We use surveillance to obtain photographic and/or video evidence of a client’s allegations. We are able to follow subjects via foot, public transportation, or vehicle. into public establishments, and even get close enough to listen to any conversions.


Surveillance is a delicate matter. Our firm does not take surveillance assignments likely. First and foremost, we make sure all safety precautions are undertaken to keep our clients and investigators safe. Our surveillance services include infidelity/cheating from significant others, false and disability claims, business disputes, and identifying illegal activity by a subject. We work with lawyers, the public, corporations, and the general business community. Our Investigators and private detectives use photos, video, and audio whenever possible to verify all reports. Our detectives are discrete, patient, and experienced. 

Process serving and private protection are important parts of our services. We work with the public and law firms with their process serving needs. Our private detectives are perfect for private individual security and protection, All our services can be conducted up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our firm and its detectives serve the highest ideals of professionalism, and honesty. Call us to review your scenario and our initial consultation is free.

Commercial & Vacant Site Security

Many businesses find themselves in need of private security for their commercial or construction sites. There is a perception that this type of security is simple, but this is further from the truth. First and foremost, professional security officers that are hired by Guard Mount have extensive training. This training includes responsibilities and ethics in citizen arrest, proper report writing, restrictions on searches and seizures, criminal and civil liabilities, employer liability, trespass law, emergency response, including response to medical emergencies and security officer safety.

Our service includes walking and vehicle patrol of all types of commercial and construction properties. We can provide security for malls, industrial buildings, truck parking lots, housing developments, and any type of property that is under construction. Our fire watch is available for up to 24 hours, seven days a week.

Our goal is to deter trespassers and criminals by providing a proactive and clear presence. Our officers are trained in all aspects of best practices for patrolling in both walking, static, and vehicle patrol. Our officers will patrol all parts of the property making sure that all visitors, employees, and vehicles are properly documented and are allowed on the commercial or construction property. Guard Mount Security professional place a special emphasis on the safety protocols for the properties we provide security for. We provide a daily report of any safety issues that may affect the operation of the property’s business or construction.

Dignitary & Asset Protection

Guard Mount Private Security provides security for the people, property, and information crucial to our clients’ successful business operation and the peace of mind of their families and homes. It also serves to protect business and personal assets such as business property, corporate paperwork, files, and tangible important assets. Our service may be unarmed, armed, uniformed, casual, or suit and tie. Additionally, we have a group of security professionals that are off duty peace officers or are legally able to wear firearms in a concealed manner-this is called carry concealed weapon permit (CCW). This is our Protective Services Group (PSG). All our officers have taken and passed the state mandated powers to arrest course, and the firearms course if armed. 

Dignitary Protection

Our Protective Services Group specializes in dignitary protection at home and in public. A dignitary maintains a busy and important schedule. Our Protective Services Group (PSG) protective security is available up to 24 hours a day, anywhere in the local area.

The protective security detail works closely with local law enforcement, other security firms at locations where our dignitary will be visiting, vendors, and with other VIPs’. Our Protective Services Group watches out for unwanted media attention and paparazzi. Moreover, we maintain close watch on current road conditions, weather, and events that may impact the protection of our clients. 

VIP Event Protection

Guard Mount Private Security and its PSG division will conduct a long-term planning and support program for very important private events. We coordinate with local assets, vendors, corporate officials, sponsors, law enforcements, and public safety to ensure the safety, security, and success of the event. Our mission is to provide security for the event in a safe, seamless manner that maintains peace of mind for the folks involved in the event. We are “here to serve”. Our service includes greeting, screening visitors and packages, patrol, monitoring security systems, and assisting with systems placement. All our officers have taken a weapons of mass destruction and terrorism course as part of their training. Thus, our security professionals are familiarized and instructed the on the subject matter and observation skills required to identify and report precursor activities to a terrorist event, react appropriately, report the occurrence of a terrorist event, and remain safe while helping control the scene after a terrorist event. 

Asset Protection

Many of our clients need asset protection. Our security professionals have provided security for very expensive jewelry stores as well as personal collections. We will provide protection for corporate or private sensitive documents. We can establish security protocol for expensive work equipment, high value artwork, classic vehicle, or other priceless, precious assets. We can conduct asset protection service 24 hours, seven days a week. Guard Mount may also assist in the transport of assets to a location that our clients wish. A protection program is designed to make sure the asset arrives at its destination. Our Protective Service Group is available to transport individuals. An example is taking a client’s family member to drug treatment.

Hotel Security

Our officers have cut their teeth in the hotel security industry. We have extensive experience in providing security for up-scale, exclusive, and luxurious hotels throughout the Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Century City, and Hollywood areas. Our hotel security officers have exceptional communications skills. Their customer service skills are of the highest caliber. Our security professionals can communicate with guests and visitors in a way that eliminates problems while at the same time being courteous and respectful. 

Our hotel security service includes camera monitoring and securing alcohol and food storage. We patrol the following areas: all guest floors, parking lots, restaurants, offices, roof tops, lobbies, and all areas where employees and guests may enter. We make sure all doors and gates are secured. We interact with local public safety so that we can have an immediate response in case of incidents or an emergency. 

A daily activity report (DAR) is submitted to management every day that includes any incidents and any maintenance issue that may affect the daily operation of the hotel. Our trained security professionals provide an extension of the class and guest experience value that  your organization provides while protecting your property, assets, employees, guests, and visitors.

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